Stephen P. Hills

Steve Hills is a highly trained and experienced executive who has a lifelong passion for creating balance between achievement and enjoyment, personal success and giving back.

Steve was President and General Manager of The Washington Post for 13 years, where he led the transformation of that company from a print-centric legacy organization into a digital powerhouse which was named “Most Innovative Media Company in the World” by Fast Company in 2015.

Steve has started and run many companies, including one that he founded after college with $2,000 in savings and grew to become the largest controlled-circulation business publication in Northern California.

Steve’s focus in executive leadership has always been on personal development of his team through the use of personal assessment instruments, direct constructive coaching, and working in close concert with training and development organizations such as: The Center for Creative Leadership and The Richardson Group to develop tailored development programs. Steve has also studied mindfulness practice under the tutelage of Jonathan Faust.

Currently, Steve serves as Founding Director of the Georgetown Law Center’s Business Skills Program, and he is on the Board of Directors of Sonatype – a company that creates automated supply chain management for open source software.

Steve graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Yale University and has an M.B.A. from Harvard University.