Dr. Jones is a yoga and meditation trainer, senior partner of The KdeJones Group LLC, the founder of Men Meeting for Meditation and a Research Scholar at the University of Maryland. As a professor and trainer with more than twenty years of experience in student-centered teaching and training, he specializes in conflict management, breath-awareness, body movement and meditation training for groups and individuals.

Kevin has worked training juvenile delinquents through wilderness and rock climbing programs, facilitated international conflict agreements, negotiated with heads of state and international government officials, and trained thousands of employees—ranging from corporate boards to line employees—in mindfulness and conflict awareness. Kevin brings a rich experience that goes beyond simply mindfulness training; he understands the context of applying mindfulness into every facet of work and personal life in different cultures, countries and environments. His passion is to help clients view themselves and others with more compassion and self-awareness through the use of mindfulness tools.

In his academic work, Dr. Jones has researched, designed, implemented and managed projects on forecasting civil conflict, crisis response, and political transition in Central Asia, the Caucasus, Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Egypt and Pakistan. He specializes in forecasting and analyzing political violence, specifically the key dynamics of local protests and the application of micro-level event data. Dr. Jones focuses on designing appropriate qualitative and quantitative analytics to address emerging global security challenges. See here for more information on Kevin's academic research and courses.

Kevin teaches meditation classes throughout the DC, MD, VA area and is a regular teacher at St. Mark's Episcopal Church. He is the founder of Men Meeting for Meditation (M3) which meets monthly at the Shaw/Howard Library.